Blue Jacket

The Hyacinth is recognized for its heavenly scent and the masses of color it brings with it. This hyacinth does represent its name very well and does indeed add a blue jacket to wherever you plant it. This long lasting violet-blue hyacinth has a sweet smelling scent you won’t forget. Hyacinths are ideal cut flowers and they can also be forced to bloom indoors.
    • Variety Hyacinth
    • Flower Period Early Spring
    • Flowering Height 8"/20cm Color Blue
    • Planting Period Once soil cools down to under 55 F degrees and before frost
    • Planting Location Anywhere in garden, preferable semi-shaded area.
    • Planting Depth Twice the height of the bulb Distance 5 to 7 per sq. ft.
    • Soil Requirement Well-drained USDA Zone 3 to 8