Golden Apeldoorn

Add some sunshine to your garden with the Golden Apeldoorn. This tulip is famous for its outstanding golden-yellow color and longevity, it is also known as one of the best tulips in its class for landscaping. These tall flowers have a warm presence and their eye-catching beauty will increase year after year.
    • Variety Darwin Hybrid Tulip
    • Flower Period Mid Spring
    • Flowering Height 24"/60cm Color Yellow
    • Planting Period Once soil cools down to under 55 F degrees and before frost
    • Planting Location Anywhere in garden, preferable semi-shaded area.
    • Planting Depth Twice the height of the bulb Distance 6 to 8 per sq. ft.
    • Soil Requirement Well-drained USDA Zone 3 to 8